Free runescape accounts

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Hi this is not a scam i swear.  Here you can sell and buy runescape accounts e-mail for info on how much your account is worth, or what accounts are for sell, Last if you would like to sell one e-mail me your pass and user.  Now the kind of payment you might be think of is “cash money”  No I do not accept real moeny, i accept runescape gp, items if u would like to buy account thats what I accept.  Now if you want to sell an account I can set up with a frugoo scape account, runescape gp, other account but they will be low level accounts “20-50”, or items or hacks for runescape and password hackers, auto bots and more!   I wont mess with your account if your selling one i promiss!  p.s warrning do not give me accounts here that are combat under level 40!  If so that you do there can be little acceptions of me letting you sell that account to me the odds of a account under 40 being sold me are that there must be good items or lots of quest done.


One Last thing every 2 weeks i do a raffle of free runescape accounts “high levels” and items! This raffle with start at the end of May. Once I have bought or sold at least 4 accounts. 



If you send me your pass and user and my workers mess with the account i am not help responslebal for it.  And the staff whos messed with it will be fired and you will be awarded no doubt at least 200k more better items and an combat of 10 more on your new account there is probali a 1 and million chance that they will steal it.  Good luck with accounts have fun!